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John Casali

Virginia Tech & HEAR LLC
Grado Chaired Professor and Director, Auditory Systems Lab
Blacksburg, Canada
Dr. John Casali is the Grado Chaired Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech, and a Board-Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), registration #222. He founded the Auditory Systems Laboratory in 1983, a versatile auditory/acoustics research facility at Virginia Tech that he directs today. He also is Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Hearing, Ergonomics and Acoustics Resources (HEAR) LLC, a product design, testing, and litigation support company. He is a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He was the recipient of the NIOSH-National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) Safe-in-Sound Award for Innovation in Hearing Conservation in 2016, and the NHCA Outstanding Hearing Conservationist Award in 2009. He has directed over 110 research and consulting projects sponsored by various U.S. government/military agencies as well as U.S. and foreign corporations, and is responsible for procuring over $14M in total funding at Virginia Tech. During the past decade, he developed and implemented the Virginia Tech Auditory Field Test Range and the "DRILCOM" indoor test facility, in which outdoor and indoor experiments, respectively, are conducted involving auditory situation awareness (ASA) tasks of Detection, Recognition-Identification, Localization and COMmunications. These facilities are applied to both the testing of advanced hearing protection and headset effects on human auditory situation awareness (ASA), as well as training users to improve their ASA capabilities. Dr. Casali has also developed an ultra-low noise floor facility to perform human aural nondetectability acoustical testing for human-worn devices per MIL-STD-1474D. Many of the 200+ publications emanating from his research concern hearing protection performance and attenuation, auditory situation awareness and communications, military hearing scenarios, and auditory displays and warnings. Dr. Casali is co-holder of 3 U.S. Patents for innovative hearing protection and communications devices, has another U.S. patent for a detachable power drive/steer attachment for a folding wheelchair, is co-holder of a U.S. Patent for a method of displacing cartilage in the ear canal to position hearing aids and earplugs and another U.S. Patent for a method of maintaining constant signal-to-noise ratio in vehicles to enhance situation awareness. He has authored noise ordinance legislation adopted by a small cities and participated in public hearings and court cases on zoning and community noise annoyance issues. Dr. Casali enjoys working with the U.S. military, various companies, and community groups on auditory situation awareness, hearing protection and earphone design, community noise, ergonomics, and patent and product liability litigation.